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Bond 2020

The quality of your child's education can be reflected in the quality of our facilities. 

We are dedicated to keeping the condition of our buildings and grounds in top shape. Doing that can be costly and every dollar we spend on capital up-keep counts.


We know how important our accountability of that spending is to the Eaton Rapids community. We hope you’ll find here all the information you need about what we’re doing, how much we’re spending and where the money is coming from. After all, these are your schools and we are using your tax dollars to do the work.


We Are ER!




Bond 2020 Progress

Thank you for your support passing the Sinking Fund!  We are now on to Phase 2 of our District Master Plan. This bond proposal is a *ZERO* increase to the current tax rate and simply allows the repayment date to move from 2028 to 2035 with the EXISTING 7.0 mills. This funding will benefit our students and help our school district do some exciting things over the next several years. 

We will post our progress with current projects as well as our future plans with bond money.

Thanks again for all your support!

Construction has begun on the tennis courts.
photo of tennis court demophoto of tennis court demo
photo of tennis court demo
photo of bleacher demo
Bond work
Bond work
Soccer Press Box
Press BoxBond Work
High School Courtyard
Bond workBond work
New Boilers at GIS
                          Bond work
Bond work
Playground at Lockwood
Playground Demolition
High School and Middle School Exterior 
Middle School Exterior
Building Envelope
Middle School Building Exterior Refresh
Photos of exterior
photo of exterior of Middle School
GIS  Building Exterior Refresh
GIS building exterior
GIS exterior
High School Building Exterior Refresh
High School building exterior
High School Building Exterior
High School Building Exterior
High School Building Exterior
Lockwood Building Exterior Refresh
Lockwood Building Exterior