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Early Childhood Preschool

Welcome to Preschool- ECP Room 4 yrs-5 yrs

Welcome to this new adventure in your child's life.  Early Childhood Preschool is focused on academics and exploration in a happy, friendly environment. Our program offers both free play and teacher lead activities during small and large group time. Our staff provide open ended, hands on activities that appeals to a variety of young learners. The preschool program at GELC will help develop social skills and academic development to help prepare them for kindergarten.


Daily Schedule:

6:00-7:00      Arrival, free choice in room 205

7:00-9:00      Free choice in room

9:00-9:30      Sign in, snack, read on mats

9:30-10:00    Free choice, bathrooms

10:00-10:30  Outside

10:30-11:00  Large group time

11:00-12:00  Small group time

12:00-1:00    Make up cots, wash hands, lunch

1:00-2:30      Bathrooms, quiet time

2:30-3:00      Pick up cots, table tops

3:00-3:30      Wash hands, snack, read on mat

3:30-500       Bathrooms, free choice, outside

5:00              Combine rooms

5:00-6:00      Free choice, pick up

School hours/Contact information

Monday-Friday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Open year round. Closed major holidays.

ECP room phone number (517)663-2692


Fees and Tuition:

$155 weekly
$50 Registration


Meet the Teacher:

Lead Teacher: Melanie Rasmussen

Melanie has been with GELC for several years and she does an outstanding job with the preschool program.  She helps prepare them for kindergarten in a fun, educational environment.  Every time you walk into her classroom the students are busy learning and exploring.  GELC is lucky to have her experience and devotion to the preschool program.


Assistant Teachers: 

Emily Olin, Janet Roush, Sheryl Champion-Park