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ERPS Sinking Fund

The quality of your child's education can be reflected in the quality of our facilities. 

We are dedicated to keeping the condition of our buildings and grounds in top shape. Doing that can be costly and every dollar we spend on capital up-keep counts.


We know how important our accountability of that spending is to the Eaton Rapids community. We hope you’ll find here all the information you need about what we’re doing, how much we’re spending and where the money is coming from. 

After all, these are your schools and we are using your tax dollars to do the work.


We Are ER!



In with the New ...

June 26, 2017

ERPS HS - There apparently are many ways to heat a building as large as the high school, these days.  Our chief of maintenance, Rob Cockcroft spent time researching boilers and looked at several scenarios. The first would have been to replace the three 150-horsepower boilers with three nearly identical, but more efficient boilers. Another would have been to put in several more smaller units which would be easier to repair and replace.

But, Rob, with advice from our general contractor, King-Scott, and mechanical contractor Pleune Mechanicals, decided that two larger boilers would be the most cost efficient and reliable way to go.


The new boilers are 250-horsepower each, and each is capable of heating the high school independent of the other. This gives us plenty of heating power should one boiler develop a problem, something we don’t expect to happen for a long time.

We were originally expecting the boiler replacement to last through July, now we are expecting it to be finished early, although it’s too soon to say how early.


Out with the Old ...

May 31, 2017

ERPS HS - Contractors removed the high school’s three boilers today as part of the preparation to install two new boilers over the summer. Each of the old units weighs about six-and-a-half tons and were lifted out with a large crane.


Two of the boilers were built in 1962 and installed in the high school when construction started in 1963. The third boiler was installed in 1997. All of the units have outlived their useful life and will be scrapped.

They will be replaced by two larger, more efficient boilers that are expected to arrive in about three weeks.  





Work Begins on Replacing HS Boilers

May 22, 2017

ERPS HS - Demolition work has started on our summer-long project to replace the high school boilers. The work is being done by Pleune Service Company and will be paid for with money collected through a sinking fund passed last year.


Two of the boilers at the high school have been in operation since the school was built in 1964.  They have needed expensive repairs in recent years and it is no longer cost effective to keep them in operation. 

The boiler replacement project will require the partial demolition and reconstruction of the school’s boiler room to remove the current boilers and replace them with high-efficiency modern boilers. Work is expected to last through July. The project is expected cost $603,680.


This is the first major capital improvement project paid for by the one-mill sinking fund approved by district voters last May. The district has already collected more than $300,000 for the repairs and is expected to collect the rest when summer taxes are collected in July. The five-year millage is expected to raise about $2.5 million dollars. Future work includes extensive roof repair, parking lot repair, improvements to campus lighting, and repairs to sports facilities.