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Virtual Scholar Program



Enrollment questions can be sent to the Virtual Coordinator, Sarah DeFrance, at or 517-663-1905


Virtual Scholar Information:

The Virtual Scholar Program is open to any on-track student, grades 6-12, who is interested in working in a completely online setting. Students need to be self-motivated to understand and complete class work. The Virtual Scholar Program does not serve students who are credit deficient or behind in credits, those students should look into enrolling in our GCPA alternative high school program if they are in grades 9-12.


Eaton Rapids Virtual Scholar Program is an all online program open to students grades 6-12. The Virtual Scholar Program offers an academically challenging alternative to the traditional middle school or high school environment. The Virtual Scholar Program only accepts full time students. Virtual Scholars cannot be dual enrolled at the middle school or high school.

The Virtual Scholar program is set up for students to work strictly from home. Students should have a computer available to use at home, internet access, and their own email address to be used for school. Virtual Scholars will be enrolled as students at Greyhound Central Performance Academy. They will need to report to Greyhound Central for any state testing such as the M-Step or PSAT/SAT. Teachers at Greyhound Central offer extra help to Virtual Scholars on Friday mornings in person and throughout the week via email or phone. The Virtual Coordinator, Sarah DeFrance, makes weekly contact with the students to check in on their progress.

WHY: The Eaton Rapids Virtual Scholar Program is a great alternative option for students who may have health issues that keep them from being able to attend school regularly, students who prefer to work at their own pace, or students who are looking for more challenging academic courses.

HOW: Students are enrolled with a full schedule of five classes from Pearson Connections Learning program. Each of their courses has a highly-qualified teacher attached to it that will help them learn their material virtually. In addition to the Connections teachers, students have a mentor teacher on-site in Eaton Rapids. They will check in with the mentor teacher at least once a week.
Further questions, contact the Virtual Coordinator, Sarah DeFrance (