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Our students are natives in the digital world.  They think in terms vastly different than most adults - instant gratification, constant communication, and on-demand information.  If it doesn't happen fast enough for them, they lose interest and focus. 


It is incumbent upon us, as educators, to get our digital "green cards".  We need to be comfortable in their world in order to engage them in the learning process.  We need to learn to speak in their language.  This is a culture shift much different than anything that has impacted the education world before. Schools that are successful must embrace this cultural change, and adapt to it.  That's what the integration of technology into teaching is all about - not adding another subject for teachers to teach and students to learn. 


Students use our technology tools to work collaboratively and independently in the classroom. The majority of the devices used in the district are Chromebooks; each building has several classroom carts, some shared and some dedicated to single classroom use. Each building also has one or more Windows-based computer labs and several iPads which are used to enhance or support classroom learning.