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Eaton Rapids Public Montessori embraces the philosophy and methods that Italian educator Maria Montessori developed in 1887. Through her studies, she discovered that many children learn better working at their own pace within a nurturing, stimulating environment.


At Eaton Rapids Public Schools, our multi-grade classrooms encourage kids to share, explore, socialize and learn according to their own developmental needs.  We engage with children at every step of the way and provide them with the guidance and attention they need to meet their grade-appropriate expectations.


We currently offer Montessori programs from preschool to fifth-grade where our certified Montessori teachers will offer your child a well-rounded education that puts students on the path of academic and personal success.


Preschool and Kindergarten

Our preschool, Kindergarten, and developmental kindergarten classrooms are located at Lockwood elementary.  


About Our Early Montessori Program

We have multi-age Montessori classrooms for our youngest students (45 months - 6 yrs). Students must be 4 years old by December 1st to attend all day preschool.The 4-year-old students have a full day with a rest time.  Our Developmental Kindergarten and Kindergarten students attend school all day.  Here is some more information about the program... This program is best for students that are self-directed, independent learners. This program is NOT PLAY-BASED.

Philosophy: We are dedicated to the goal of providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for our children.  

Mission: Our mission is to expand and enhance the concepts children know by guiding and facilitating their exploration and learning.

Curriculum:  Our curriculum is based on the work of Maria Montessori. This curriculum will also meet the standards established by the Michigan Department of Education for Pre-K and Kindergarten programs.  Kindergarten students also benefit from the district wide literacy curriculum. 

Activities:  Activities in the Montessori Program are designed to be flexible enough to meet each child’s individual developmental needs. The environment is child-centered with individual, small and whole group activities. Activities will be selected based on interest and needs of the children, focusing on learning, fun, safety and the importance of peer interaction. Daily opportunities will include, but are not limited to, the arts, culture, geography, science, math, language arts, sensory, and practical life.

Goals: Our program strives to meet the following goals:
• To provide parents/guardians with a quality comprehensive program. • To assist children in reaching their full potential through activities that develop confidence, self-esteem, social skills and relationships, character, physical skills, and teamwork.
• To support the development of academic skills in a fun and enriching environment
The preschoolers pay a tuition of $525 for a whole day per month from September - May.  Our DK and above school-aged students do not pay tuition.

First-Grade - Third-Grades

We have three first through third-grade classrooms at Lockwood Elementary.


Fourth and Fifth-Grades

Our two fourth and fifth-grade classrooms are at Greyhound Intermediate School.


Contact Us:

We would love to talk with you about our Montessori program.

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Montessori at Lockwood

Jason Zeller, Program Director and Principal at Lockwood Elementary
Keri Benjamin, PreK-K Teacher
Sallie Guy, PreK-K Teacher
Ed Jewett, 1-3 Teacher
Leanne Simms, 1-3 Teacher

Stacy Cartensen, 1-3 Teacher


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Montessori at Greyhound Intermediate School

Kat Dziewiatkowski, Program Director and Principal at GIS
Pam Babbitt, 4-5 Teacher
Amanda Bahmer 4-5 Teacher