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GCPA is currently enrolling new students by appointment only on Tuesdays


Call Abby DeValk at 517-663-1905 to schedule an appointment


Greyhound Central Performance Academy

GCPA will start enrolling for the 2020/2021 school year at the beginning of August. Any potential new students should fill out the Google Form below with their information and our academic coordinator, Abby DeValk, will call to set up an enrollment appointment in August.

Students new to Greyhound Central this year should fill out the new student form below:

New Student Enrollment Google Form


GCPA students who attended last year should fill out the following information form for us

GCPA Re-Enrollment Form


Abby will be making  calls about enrollments and re-enrollments starting Monday, August 10.


We look forward to seeing students back at the end of August. Have a safe summer!

Sarah, Abby, and Pam


Please call (517-663-1919) or email Abby DeValk ( to find out more information about enrolling at Greyhound Central Performance Academy.


Our school format allows for individualized instruction but also requires students to be motivated learners. Class sizes are small and students are expected to continue their school work outside of school through online access to their courses. The staff strives to build a trusting relationship with students, parents, and guardians in order to support students as they work to attain their educational goals.


Greyhound Central Performance Academy has been created to offer a variety of learning opportunities for all types of students to successfully complete their high school experience. We offer three different programs earned through online and hybrid classes:


  • Eaton Rapids High School diploma (28.5 credits)
  • Greyhound Central Performance Academy diploma (19 credits and 15 hours community service)
  • GED preparatory program


We welcome the opportunity to foster student success by serving a variety of students, especially those who:

  • had attendance issues
  • had behavior issues
  • had difficulty in academic achievement
  • are seeking an alternative to a traditional high school
  • dropped out and wish to re-enroll
  • Students are typically credit deficient 11th and 12th graders.
  • Students who turn 22 on or before September 1st are not eligible to enroll



Central Performance Calendar

Cell Phone Policy

A student may not use his or her cell phone during the class period for any reason. Cell phone usage will be restricted to before and after school hours (7:35 A.M. to 2:35 P.M.) and lunch only. Parents can reach students by calling their homeroom teacher.