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Curriculum & Instruction

Christien Rupp
Director of Curriculum & Instructional Technology 
Principal of Greyhound Central Performance Academy


I am very proud to work in Eaton Rapids Public Schools because it is a school system that not only looks out after our student's academic progress, but also their overall well-being.  We have wonderful experiences at every grade level starting with PreSchool.  


Our Montessori program starts in PreSchool and now goes through 5th grade.  Pre-K, Developmental Kindergarten and Kindergarten are in one level, first, second and third are in the next level and fourth and fifth are in the final level. There are three classrooms of each level at Lockwood Elementary and two of the fourth/fifth classrooms at Greyhound Intermediate.  Lockwood also offers four more traditional first grade classes and four second grade classes as well as a first/second grade multi-age classroom.  Lockwood also has an Early Childhood Special Education program to help meet the needs of all students.  We have 5 classrooms of a more traditional kindergarten and 1 Developmental Kindergarten and Greyhound Central Elementary this year.  Greyhound Early Learning Center (G.E.L.C.) offers a traditional preschool as well as Great Start Readiness Preschool (G.S.R.P.) for the community on Union Street.


Greyhound Intermediate School offers students a chance to explore their fine arts abilities infused with academics through the Arts Integration program.  Along with the two 4th/5th Montessori grades, there are 4-3rd grades, 4-4th grades and 5-fifth grades.  All of our students K-5 receive art, music, P.E. and technology every year. 


Eaton Rapids Middle School offers a unique double-block of English/Language Arts,  and Algebra 1 along with specials such as band, choir, art, P.E, Foreign Language, Outdoor Life, Drama & Speech, Newspaper and Technology.  Social Studies, Science, Math and ELA are all taught by highly qualified and certified teachers.


There is also a lot of co-teaching going on in classrooms to make sure the needs of our special education population are being met at all levels.  This is where a special education teacher and a general education teacher teach together to meet the needs of ALL students in the room. 


Eaton Rapids High School is able to offer many electives along with the required core courses in a trimester format.  This is unique because it allows students to both enhance their education by offering many electives and also to be able to re-take courses that students have trouble with.  The band program, art program, foreign language, metal tech programs and well as our newest addition, an Ag-Science program all come together to round out an impressive course selection.  We also offer more Advanced Placement (AP) courses than many of the surrounding districts such as A.P. Psychology, A.P. Chemistry and A.P. World History.  These offerings are staggered from year to year so as to be able to offer all of them at least once within a 4-year span.  Academics is a strong and powerful tool because it builds a knowledge base that no one can take away from you.  Eaton Rapids Public Schools offers a very diverse and competitive program.


Greyhound Central Performance Academy (G.C.P.A.) offers an alternative learning environment. There are two options students have to choose from.  One option allows students to come to the school located at Greyhound Central and work at their own pace having three certified and qualified teachers available for both face-to-face and online course instruction.  The second option is the Eaton Rapids Virtual Scholar program. This option is a completely online program for students who are intrinsically motivated and who already do well in school, but for whatever reason(s) are not able or willing to attend a traditional "brick & mortar" school. Students work from home (or elsewhere) but are able to come in one morning a week for face-to-face assistance if needed from our teachers in any content area.  


Curriculum and Instruction

Eaton Rapids Public Schools is committed to the learning of all students and honored to serve the children of our school community.   It is with pride that we offer our students a dynamic, research-based curriculum, aligned with the State Standards, and delivered by a dedicated, well-prepared staff coupled with up-to-date resources, modern facilities and new technology in every classroom.  Interactive whiteboards assist teachers in delivering instruction kindergarten through eighth grades thanks to the community passing a Technology and Facilities Bond.


Gifted and Talented Opportunities

At Eaton Rapids Public Schools each building has a very unique way of nurturing and fostering the education of all students in a differentiated classroom setting.  Please make sure to speak to the building administrators to find out exactly what is offered and what the criteria is to be accepted.  For instance, students in 4th or 5th grade who meet the eligibility requirements may qualify to take 6th grade math at the middle school and then progress accordingly. 


There are some exciting opportunities available at Michigan State University's GATE (Gifted & Talented Education) programs, however, parents will need to incur the cost unless the family meets the economically disadvantaged criteria (free & reduced lunch).


Introduction to GATE

East Lansing Public Schools has partnered with Michigan State University and Ingham Intermediate to provide GATE (Gifted and Talented Education). The GATE programs, offered through Ingham Intermediate School District’s Office of Talent Development, are primarily designed for younger students in grades 4‐6 and the GATE programs at MSU offer differentiated educational experiences for students in grade 7‐12.


MSU offers two types of GATE programs: Academic School Year Programs and Summer Programs.

Academic School Year Programs: The school year programs challenge gifted middle and high school students in math, literature, and language (CHAMP, ISHALL, LEAF). These programs are designed to replace high school curricula allowing students to complete four years of Michigan High School Expectations and Common Core Standards in two years of study. Courses meet once a week on and off campus and are taught by MSU faculty. Eligibility varies by program but is generally determined by ACT or SAT scores and other requirements.


School year programs include:  


  • Cooperative Highly Accelerated Mathematics Program (CHAMP), for students in grades 7‐10.
  • Intensive Studies in Humanities, Arts, Language and Literature (ISHALL), for students in grades 7‐10.
  • Language for Students (Etudiants) Advanced in French (LEAF), for students in grades 7‐11.

Summer Programs: GATE Summer programs are designed to help students take advantage of the warm summer months in constructive ways. Programs include commuter and residential options, with courses ranging from technology to forensics. Summer programs offer high achieving middle and high school students a chance to experience advanced coursework and college in a fun relaxing environment.


Summer programs include:

  • Crimes Scene Investigation (CSI) Forensic Camp, a one week residential or commuter program for students in grades 7‐9.
  • Math, Science and Technology MST@MSU a two week residential or commuter program for students in grades 7‐9.
  • High Achievers, a program for students in grades 9‐12 who are seeking to earn college credit while still in high school.

For specific information for GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programs offered by Ingham Intermediate and Michigan State University, please refer to the link below.


Gifted & Talented Options 2015-2016

If you have any questions related to curriculum, please do not hesitate to call the Curriculum Office located at the Central Administration Offices (517-663-1138).