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Assistant Principal's Page


Eaton Rapids High School is rich with amazing students, inspiring teachers, and a
supportive community.  It is an honor to assist students in becoming lifelong learners
and I am committed to ensuring that all students learn in safe spaces while in school.  I
am also motivated, along with our entire staff, to help our students achieve their high
school and post high school educational goals.

On a personal note, I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We have 3 great
children:  two are college graduates and one is currently studying to become a barber.  I
absolutely love music.  Einstein once used math to prove that the world would be void of
beauty if there were no music - just joking!  He did no such thing!  It is true that my life
would be empty if there were no music in it.  Lastly, I fly drones as a hobby.

Enjoy your high school experience.  Make new friends, play a sport, join a club, learn to
play an instrument, practice kindness, learn a foreign language, or start a gaming club. 
Whatever you decide, be safe and play by the rules.  If you see or hear anything that
needs to be addressed, please use the Tip Line below.  My door is always open and I am
eager to speak with students.

Thank you for helping to keep our school safe.


Please use the anonymous tip line to report any suspicious activities, dangerous behavior, or any other concerns. If you see or hear something that needs to be addressed, report it! Thank you for helping keep our school safe! Tip Line - (517) 258-0353


Nathaniel Lewis
Assistant Principal
Phone: (517) 663-2216