Special Education Millage

What is on the ballot?
On November 7, Eaton County residents will be asked to vote on
a special education millage that will provide additional funds to
support students with disabilities.
Local school districts are mandated by law to provide special
education programs and services. However, federal, state and
local revenues do not adequately fund special education
programs and services. This means that schools utilize general
education funds to offset the cost of required special education

If this proposed millage passes, the cost to homeowners would
be .9 mills, or approximately $7.50/month or $90/year for a
home with a market value of $200,000 (or taxable value of
$100,000). This proposed millage would generate $3 million a
year for the next 10 years reducing the shortfall, but not
completely closing the gap, in special education funding in Eaton