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The Road Back to In-Person Learning



I know that we have just started into remote learning but Board members and staff have agreed upon a framework for us to focus on five critical items:


 a. Health data.

For those interested in the health piece, I have provided an article recommended by our Barry-Eaton health department:,school%20districts%2C%20Harvard's%20Edmond%20J. 


The Harvard researcher gives health indicators and student priorities for coming back.


You can take what you learn from that article and then go to: (I look at Eaton County).  Look at percent of COVID positive of those tested and daily cases.  There are graphs where we can see long term trends.


 b. Review of PPE supplies-we have started to receive and distribute supplies to buildings.  We have pallets of tissue, paper toweling, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, masks, and face shields.  The supplies are being distributed to buildings as needed for us to serve students.


 c. Working conditions for staff-classroom setup, cleaning procedures, appropriate training


 d. Measures of academic performance-how are students doing 


 e. External data-how other schools are doing, what is happening in surrounding communities


We will review these items monthly with the Board members and then share it with you in the newsletter.




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