Scholarship Opportunities

Local Scholarships

Remember ALL local scholarships require a completed EDP from Career Cruising  

Most of the local scholarships need a copy of a completed FAFSA



Be sure to use teacher questionnaires when required!

Eaton Rapids Area Public Safety Scholarship  (law enforcement, EMT, medical related major)

Eaton Rapids Rotary Club Scholarship   (achievement, extra curricular, community service)

Bernadine Ann Bosier Memorial Scholarship   (2.5GPA)

James & Clarabelle Maxey Family Scholarship   (2.5GPA)

Eaton Federal Savings Bank Scholarship  (business related interest, 3.0GPA) 

Carl & Ruth E Ackley Memorial Scholarship  (community service)

Eaton Rapids Education Association Scholarship  (leadership, 3.0GPA) 

Eaton Rapids Kiwanis Club Memorial Scholarship (community service)

Chick Fox Memorial Scholarship (3.0GPA)

David D Letts Memorial Scholarship  (3.0GPA)

Eaton Rapids Medical Center Scholarship  (medical related major)

Sarah Copp Memorial Scholarship  (music/vocal related major)

Hoppe Family Dental Office Scholarship  (medical or dental related major, 3.5GPA, 24ACT)

John Dancer Memorial Scholarship   (business related interest)

StartERHS Scholarship (commitment to community service)