The Toddler two's room 18 - 33 months

Our Focus:

Our  Toddler Twos' classroom focuses on helping children continue to gain independence while introducing more academic concepts. They are encouraged to communicate their needs with words, to share with friends, and are introduced to shapes, colors, counting and the alphabet. The Toddler Twos' room operates on a daily schedule, which includes activities such as art projects, sensory experiences, gross motor activities, outdoor play, story time, and a small circle time. Activities for toddlers include routine tasks such as diapering, potty training, hand washing, and clean up. These skills are incorporated to further children's learning of self help and social skills. Children learn from one another as they interact and watch their friends.

Our on-site playgrounds provide developmentally appropriate play equipment for outdoor play. Our large, airy clasroom provides plenty of space for exploring the world. We provide cots and blankets for nap time. The center serves nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks including milk and juice, all at no additional cost to parents. Meals are served to children under the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Our daily Schedule:


6:00 ~ 8:15 am Your child is greer with a great big hug! We are glad you are here!

8:15 ~ Lets check those diapers, and try to use that potty.

8:30 ~ Humm.. What toys to explore today?

9:00 ~ Let's burn some energy down in the gym! Stretch those little legs!

9:30 ~ Rumbly in the tummy! Its time to get cleaned up for snack!

10:00 ~ Lets sit together and explore a new book.

10:15 ~ Time to get messy with a little art project.

11:00 ~  We work together as a team to get the clasroom picked up.

11:30 ~ Lets Eat!

11:45 ~ Last potty and diapering before nap.

12:00 ~ What a sweet slumber. Teachers gently pat backs as children rest peacefully on their cots.

2:00 ~ Stretch! Tme to awake from that deep slumber. Lights are on and diapers are being changed.

2:15 ~ Lets make music together as we dance and sing during group.

2:30 ~ Meet with some friends as you explore the classroom.

2:50 ~ Clean up, Clean up, Everybody every where!

3:00 ~ Time for snack.

3:30 ~ Lets go outside for some fresh air in on our playground.

4:00 ~ Explore and play with our friends! Its time to go home!



School Hours:

Monday-Friday, 6 am - 6 pm
Year round. Closed on major holidays

Fees and tuition:

$150 weekly
$35 Daily
$50 Registration