Celebrating Thanksgiving at GCPA

Community Service

Celebrating Thanksgiving Family Style

The students at Greyhound Central Performance Academy brought a dish to pass while Tina Cogo, Sarah DeFrance, Abby DeValk, Amy Gracik and Brooke Ballee-Stone (Staff Members) supplied the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and desserts.  About 30 students took part in giving thanks and eating a wonderful home-cooked meal while taking a break from the traditional online, blended learning day.  

Giving Back to Homeless Teens

The students at Greyhound Central Performance Academy celebrated the holiday season by giving of their time and creativity to make blankets and pillowcases for the teens that stay at the Kevin J. Moody Youth Home.  On top of making the blankets and pillowcases, 18 students then took part in helping to "stuff" holiday food baskets and the Weslyan Church here in Eaton Rapids.  Ms. Sarah DeFrance, Ms. Amy Gracik, Mrs. Abby DeValk and Mrs. Tina Cogo approached the students regarding a positive way in which they could work at enriching the lives of others. In doing so, students chose to help those who are their same age range but may be more in need of the things we may take for granted. This is how the idea of blankets and pillow cases was born. Brenton Saylor and Lauren Miller are shown in the picture with all of the blankets and pillowcases that were assembled before the holidays. The youth at the home were very grateful for the warm blankets. Students used borrowed sewing machines to stitch together the pillowcases, then matched them up the best they could. The material was also donated from various sources, so this was truly a community effort!

 Brenton & Lauren