School Safety

What is Shelter in Place?

Shelter-in-place is initiated when school officials believe there is some type of emergency that does not directly impact the interior of the school.   Shelter-in-place is typically used when police are engaged in an operation nearby outside of the school, or when a national disaster has been declared. The goal is to keep students and staff safe and indoors.  During a shelter-in-place staff and students are instructed to stay inside their classrooms. This measure is designed to prevent anyone from entering the rooms from outside.  Windows will be shut, locked, and covered with blinds to obscure visibility, and people are encouraged to stay away from doors and windows.  Normal movement for change of classes does occur.

Access to Students during Shelter-In-Place

For many parents, your first instinct will be to come to the school to check on your child or take him or her home. However, to ensure the safety of our students during the brief Shelter-In-Place period, doors will not be opened to anyone. As a parent, we recognize how hard this is.  Please know that this action is based on the best advice and counsel we have from all local, state, and national law enforcement officials.



A school lockdown occurs when there is a threat or potential threat to staff or student safety in the area. Most often, this is due to police activity unrelated to the school, but in the vicinity. In a lockdown, the school is closed to all visitors, and students are supervised indoors.

Access to Students during Lockdowns

During a school lockdown, parents are strongly encouraged not to come to the school, due to the heightened risk and should only attempt to arrive at the school after a lockdown has been lifted. Should an emergency response be called for, it’s important that emergency vehicles be able to reach the campus quickly and easily. Parents who attempt to come to the school may obstruct emergency vehicles’ access and even endanger themselves, or their children.