Addressing the Board of Education

Addressing the Board

Individuals who wish to speak to the Board of Education may do so at any Board meeting during the portions of the agenda reserved for recognition of the audience.

Each speaker is asked to complete a form, which is found alongside the agenda near the door, and indicates their desire to address the Board. The form should be handed to the recording secretary. Each speaker will be allowed to speak up to 5 minutes, except when the number of speakers exceeds the 30-minutes allotted for this purpose. In those instances, the President of the Board of Education may either reduce the 5-minute limit to a 3-minute limit for each speaker, or the Board of Education may vote to extend the audience recognition period. Any written statements should be given to the Secretary and at the request of the speaker will become part of the official record of this meeting and a public document.

Those addressing the Board are asked to consider the rules of common courtesy. Speak to the pertinent issues and avoid personal attacks. If a complaint or charge is made against an employee of the district or Board member, that person has the right to request that the complaint be made in a closed session. Each speaker will be given a warning when approximately one minute remains in the allotted time.

The Board may make suggestions regarding resolution of issues raised during audience recognition, but is not required to rebut or debate issues raised. This allows staff and Board Members time to fully investigate issues and to provide a thoughtful and complete response.