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Swimming Lessons for Everyone

The Eaton Rapids Public Schools Community Pool offers swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Please see our calendar for openings.

How to Register:

External LinkRegister online for a class
Drop off your registration at the Aquatics Office
Call the Aquatics office to sign up: 517-663-3484

Tadpoles (6mo-4yrs)

Acclimate your child to the water at a young age with our Tadpoles class. In this course, participants will learn the basics of swimming as well as safety for both kids and parents. This is a parent participation class. Skills covered include but are not limited to blowing bubbles, face in the water, floating and kicking on both tummy and back, submersion and water entry.

Guppies (age 4 & 5)

Guppies class starts teaching kids independent swimming skills as well as listening skills. The class is a platform class for our smaller swimmers to feel comfortable in the water. some of the skills covered include chin bobs, humming bubbles, kicking on both tummy and face, water safety and much more! Participants should be promoted through our tadpoles class!

Eels (ages vary based on skill development)

The Eels class continues the development of the swimmers independent swimming skills as well as promote and continue their listening skill progress. In this program, the swimmers will be independently holding the wall so listening is a MUST!! face plants, bobbing, elementary backstroke, floating on both tummy and back are just a few of the skills that will be developed and improved in this class.


Stingrays start their class in the shallow end with the development of their skill they will start to venture into deep water. treading water, humming bubbles, arm strokes, floating independently on both tummy and back are just a few of the skills the Stingrays will be working to develop. Class size is limited.


In our Dolphin level, swimmers start building their endurance. This class is mainly in deep water. The focus for this class is the front crawl and backstroke. Swimmers will learn the proper form as well as proper breathing. Skills covered are treading water, open turns, use of pull buoys, as well as water safety.


The Barracudas learn breaststroke as well as butterfly. Participants will learn proper breathing for each stroke as well a treading water, starts, and other swimming skills! When your swimmer finishes this class they will be ready to join the SILVERSHARKS program!!

Private Lessons

If our schedule doesn’t fit your schedule, we can work it out. Private lessons are built around your busy schedule and needs. From new swimmers, to timid adults, or fitness swimmers wanting to improve their technique, we can help you be a better more confident swimmer. The cost is $50 for 4 half-hour lessons. Call the Aquatics Office to arrange lessons. 

Swimming Lesson Calendar