Effective Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Eaton Rapids Public Schools is committed to providing our community with services that go beyond the quality education of our children. One of those services is our community pool. Over the years, budget cuts have forced us to find new ways to manage and maintain the pool. We recognize that they have not always met your expectations and we are always working to do a better job.

Recently, we have been having difficulty maintaining the water quality in the pool which has required us to occasionally shut it down while adjustments are made to the water’s chemistry. Unfortunately, this has not resulted in a permanent solution to the problem and we’ve been advised to drain and clean the system and start over.

Our intent is to have as little impact on the schools and community as possible, however, we cannot get started on the project until shortly after spring break. 

In addition to the water renovation project, we will also be reorganizing the way the pool is managed in the hopes that it will become an even greater asset to the Eaton Rapids community. During this time the pool will be closed to the public, but we will be reopening as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience. 


Silver Sharks Swim Team

Swimming Lessons


Aquatics Coordinator

(517) 663-3484

The pool is located between the Middle School and the GIS building. The entrance is closest to the Middle School entrance and parking lot. 

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